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Non-Free JavaScript: The Gateway to internet enslavement

2 min read ·

Introduction Every developer has at least heard of JavaScript. The dreaded language that runs a lot of the internets logic. But did you know that it harbors great peril for not just developers, but also normal end users, no matter which system they all run. This danger comes from so-called “non-free JavaScript-implementations”. Digital Slaves This non-free JavaScript does, first and foremost, a lot of things. Among the most harmful are Telemetry, Espionage, and many more.

The Internet before 2015 and what it means for us

6 min read ·

Introduction The Internet is a peculiar place. On one side, it is the gateway to an immeasurable amount of information, open to anyone curious enough to look for it, and a community that is often friendlier and more forthcoming than most of your real-life friends. On the other hand, it opens us up to mass surveillance and scrutiny from anyone whose opinion you so blatantly defy. But something around 2015 that changed the internet drastically, and made it lean to the latter evil.