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Human Wolves

14 min read ·

This is a fascinating idea, to be quite honest. Exploring the idea that humanity tends to devour itself has always been quite interesting, and now I get to write about it. The inspiration came to me after I talked to an 84-year-old gentleman in the subway, and we exchanged some philosophical views.

Politics in Movies

4 min read ·

“Stop making movies about your political agenda!” This is a popular sentence, often uttered by many right-wing talking-heads at modern movies and TV shows. Citing the good, old times, they often remark how modern media is laced with a toxic liberal agenda. But are they in the right? And can they cite older moviest to prove their point? Here we’ll see if politics in movies is a modern invention, or if the right-wingers are being overdramatic.

Weak leaders

4 min read ·

Take a good look at our current leaders. The western ones. Did you notice something? Exactly, they’re all old. Like, really old. If you look at them, what is the first thing coming to mind? Could it be “This guy’s gonna bite it soon”? Or do you think something along the lines of “Wow, what a pathetic person we elected”? Here we’ll analyze the line of thought that calls western leaders weak.

“Nice Guys”...?

4 min read ·

Introduction The internet loves raving about so-called “Nice Guys”. From their misogynistic views to their unrealistic expectations of receiving sexual favors for doing the bare minimum, it can clearly be deduced that they are not the people they think they are. But what about the other side of the coin? Are the greatest critics of Nice Guys really better than the people they oh so generously drag through the manure every so often?